Superstitious chase helpers?

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Just wondering if anyone does anything "odd" for each chase. Anyone carry a rabbits foot or something along those lines? Where a certain hat? Any spiritual things?
I have a couple oddities..

1. I say the same prayer before I even start the car to head out..

"Jesus, you know the drill! Keep this vehicle safe and in working order so that it gets us safely out and back. Protect everyone in this vehicle as well as everyone else. Please give us something to see, but keep its impact to a minimum. Amen."

2. I have a Yoshi velcroed to the dash of my car. He oversees the crew!

3. And of course, who can forget my #81 REDSKINS jersey! :wink:
I have a lucky "hailball" I found in the graduate student lounge at OU. It is actually a salt ball from great salt plains park near Enid. I added it to my car at the beginning of last year, and this happened to be my best season thus far. It stays in my car crammed in its protective case between my console/radio. I'll get some pictures of it tomorrow!

Only a short prayer in the past years, but this year...The short prayer continues along with the wearing of my new OU hat. How can you go wrong with loving a team that is based in the severe storm capital of the world? :D
I always wore the same hat chasing for the last several years. Then this fall while shooting hoops at my parents I had taken it off and it was sitting there. The neighbors dog was up visiting during this. I saw it fall off my car to the ground and turned around to shoot anyway. I turn back around and the dog and my hat are both gone. I imagine she sleeps with it somewhere every night. So when I suck in 2005 that will be why.
In 1997 I had a couple things. I kept a flower pinned to the ceiling above my head, the one I'd worn on my suit for my grandpa's funeral in January of that year. This was to keep me safe, sometimes I think maybe it worked too well :wink:

The other thing was a rabbit's foot I had dangling from my rearview mirror. I don't remember where I got it, I just had it lying around a few years before I started chasing, so when I got wheels I naturally took it along for luck. Even though this was a few years before the whole Passion Twist thing, the rabbit's foot was purple. A sign of things to come :lol:
Since last year was such an outstanding year I think my parking permit should be enough to bring me all the good juju I need for the year.
I have a small amulet I made from wood that was hit by lightning. The piece of wood is from a tree that was struck close to me in 1994. This was the storm, the night, that eventually got me into chasing. The charm is like tzi-daltai (Apache fetish carved from lightning-struck tree) but not in the shape of a man. It's just a small necklace. I also kept a full-size charred branch from the tree that got zapped during the storm, and still have that too, to this day.
Last year I realized I had worn the same Linkin Park shirt a few chases in a row....and all those chases went pretty well so I kept wearing that shirt on every chase for the rest of the season. This year I have a new shirt I'm gonna wear though.......

I remember that one guy, Butch Phillips I think his name was, who was on an A&E program about chasing (KOCO OKC chaser at the time) in the early 90's.....placed angels around his car at various places. He's put them on the motor, etc. I believe he was also a pastor at the time.
I saw a special in probably the mid-late 90s where a guy did some "muscle testing" with his hands to tell him where to go. I plan to use some of that this year after all else has failed, lol. Did anyone else see this show? I've yet to find anyone who has. Charles Edwards should of as I think it was his tour as the other tour group on it(they caught a tornado, the muscle testing group however did not).
Originally posted by Andrew Geil
I plan to put Mike Hollingshead on my dashboard someday. He seems to always be able to find the storms.

LOL....Mike, maybe you should offer Hollings-bobble-head dolls with the next video....sounds like there might be a demand for such a thing :lol:
I have a Matchbox toy chase truck velcroed near my cup holders.

For Texas-strength inversions I have a plastic rainstick filled with beads that terrifies domestic pets in the offseason.

If bubbling cu form along the dryline, I sometimes play a cassette tape of thunderstorm sounds to aid in deep layer convergence.

Occasionally I will play the cassette and use the rainstick simultaneously, but you can't go to the well too often.

Never skip steak after tornadoes, even from Dennys or IHOP.

Don't piss off the storm gods.
The show with the "muscle tester" was shot in 1998. That was National Geographic Explorer. It aired many times. Each time they cut more of it out. Eventually Steve Lavine was taken completely out of the episode. Yes, I have a copy of it.
Originally posted by Amos Magliocco
I have a Matchbox toy chase truck velcroed near my cup holders.

A couple of chase seasons ago, I ran across somewone who always had
a matchbox scale mobile home on his dash...wish I knew where to get one
of those.
Don't be superstitious. It's bad luck to be superstitious.


Actually, I received a rosary, when I was a child, that goes on every chase with me.

it is required that at the beginning of every chase Kanani and I play the same "chase" songs as we leave town.

1. Molly Hatchet's "Flirtin with disaster" (the ultimate chase song)
2. El Paso NWS WC's "Tornado coming to your town" (love the siren effects).
3. El Paso NWS WC's "skywarn spotter".

We have had very good luck every time we play these first. A few times we forgot and busted. Cant argue with 35 tornadoes last year!!