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StormWiki is getting on a ROLL . . .

Just wanted to post a quick update on StormWiki. We've seen a surge in registered users (including ST Fearless Leader) AND content updates in recent days. This may be due to the link in the ST forum header/footer (thanks again for that, Tim!) and/or the fact that the peak chase season is now behind us (unless hurricanes is your thing).

As of today, we have 31 registered users. You can see that StormWiki activity in recent days has picked up.

All pages are open for editing/adding by registered users, except the front page. I have some additions that were suggested to me that I need to add yet (thanks, Tyler!) I'll also be adding some "sandbox" pages where users can play around (get comfortable) with the wiki style of editing, if they wish, before working on "real" StormWiki pages.

If you've been thinking about getting involved, but haven't done so yet, join the party! All of us have different strengths and perspectives. Feel free to write an article about a piece of chase equipment, use of Ham Radio in chasing, your approach to forecasting - contribute pictures for various weather term's pages. If you feel you are "reinventing the wheel" then simply post a link on a StormWiki page to a topic's Stormtrack thread (or other external site). It's fun and enjoyable to know that you have contributed to the "knowledge pile" (and hopefully assisted a self-motivated person who wants to learn more about storm chasing and related meteorology).

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me (or post 'em here).

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE