Stormtrack Logo Contest

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It's time for a new logo for Stormtrack and as always we are looking to our members to submit and vote on their favorite. Below is some information on this contest.

1. Display your image on this thread, your picture can be anything you think relates to Stormtrack. You can add 'STORMTRACK' to the image but this is not required.

2. Only one image per user please.

3. In two weeks all submissions will be finalized and a new voting thread will open so everyone can decide what picture they want for the logo. There may also be an additional run-off voting thread.

Thanks for participating!
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I would like to make an entry but first i need a couple of volunteer photos... i would like any snowfall shots as well as a good tornado picture... thanks in advance

actually the point of the contest is that it's your photo ;)

Here's my entry (high res available if needed for logo work):

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stormtrack.jpg Adding more characters as it said it was too short without doing so....

Copying what Mike did with characters...
Just put this together. I figured I would stick with the colors from your current banner. Hopefully this does the trick....

Good Luck Everyone.......



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Here's my submission. The photo I took from the balcony of my apartment on May 20, 2005. There were some great storms in the area that day!

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