Storm Chaser Earns MSNBC Week in Pictures Recognition

Jim Reed

Storm chaser Mike Hollingshead's colorful image of two lightning bolts striking the ground during a supercell thunderstorm near Grand Island, Nebraska on May 11 is spotlighted this week on MSNBC's The Week in Pictures (May 12-19). Thousands of photojournalists and photographers from all over the world compete for the weekly honor. Readers then get to vote for their favorite image.

To support Mike, visit Watch the slide show and then vote. If his image receives the most votes by May 26, it advances to the Pictures of the Year competition held in December. Titled "A Whirl of Trouble" by MSNBC editors, the photo is up against images by Getty, Reuters and the Associated Press (tough competition to say the least).

Congratulations Mike!
I just went there and voted. But to be honest, it don't look like H needs much more help; he's blowing everyone else away!

Congrats H! :)


Just placed my vote, then saw the numbers and wondered why I bothered. Geeze. Mike currently has over four times the votes of the nearest competitor.
It's a great image - really demonstrates the power of a plain's storm. Excellent work Mike, as usual.....

Awesome image Mike. Doesn't look like you need a whole lot of support since the closest one to you is over 3400 votes behind. Congratulations. :lol:

MikeH is fast becoming, or actually is, one of this nation's finest overall photographers, and clearly one of the top storm photographers in this generation. I constantly shake my head at how his pictures constantly come out...he could take a picture of can of Pepsi and make people say "wow" ;)

Excellent job Mike, congratulations!
When I voted, Mike H. was at 11,000 to the nearest competitor's 3,000. Bravo!

Congrats to you as well. While sifting through the picture of the week archives I saw that you emerged as a winner last year about this time.

I think it's cool that when H is world-famous, I can say I knew him before he was a star :wink:
congrats mike! I voted for ya :)

hope to see your photo in december.
As of this morning Mike is in 1st place with 30,938 votes.

excellent work Mike!


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