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I've seen quite a few new folks sign up on ST here lately.

One of the basic recommendations for a new chaser is to have an experienced chaser with you on your first few times out.

If one considers the gas, time off from work/school/spouse, hotel, cameras, food, etc., chasing is very expensive. Now, mix that with you being out there for the first time, and missing a big event because you thought you could do it by yourself. Now, we're talking about an emotional price. Ask any chaser of how painful a bust is due to a missed forecast, being late to a target, etc...

They will tell you all about it. To this day, I still mess up. I can't imagine being a newcomer going out there and busting due to...being new at it. The other aspects to chasing that one must have is...persistance and patience. Its hard to acquire these things when you are new..and on your own.

I've known Dean since the late 80s...and he's about the best there is out there. He absolutely LIVES to chase. I know of NO OTHER CHASER that dedicates his ENTIRE LIFE to chasing like Dean.

My point is...before you head out for the very first time...and you're struggling to get somebody that REALLY knows chasing...reserve a week with Dean. The long-term savings on knowing the ropes of chasing will last a lifetime. After all, we're all here for just a short time....