Sprint PCS on I-70 FINALLY

Mar 2, 2004
Northern Colorado
Heading home late last week, I noticed my Sprint PCS service remained nice and strong along I-70 between Salina, KS and Denver, CO where I would normally find myself in roaming. While this was nice to see, I couldn't help but think there was something wrong with my phone. Well, on my way out to Topeka today, I saw the same thing, Sprint service all along I-70, including the once huge hole between Salina and Denver.

Digital (Vision) service hasn't been enabled as of yet, which I've discovered in my lack of being able to connect on this stretch. My assumption is that these towers were put up and service started within the last couple of weeks as I was on this stretch as early as two weeks ago with the usual roaming service.

I attempted to call Sprint for details, but the hold time was longer than I cared to wait. Once Vision service goes up on these towers, Sprint Internet users will finally be able to access internet along I-70 in a stretch which was once void of Sprint service. This is very happy news for me!
I don't think you're dreaming Tony, LOL. A buddy of mine that works for NexTech wireless in Hays, KS said this was coming. NexTech has been working on this project for some time, and all the agreements were laid out. You should see more useability(sp) in W. KS as well as they've added somewhere in the number of 100 towers out there. I'm not sure when they should all come into service, but it sounds like they've got it started by your post :D