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The second page is particularly interesting... I mean, I know we receive a lot of severe weather here in the US, but just check out the map of all severe weather reports in 2005... That's awesome LOL.

There has been some very good website development the past year (adding new pages, redoing old pages, etc), so I'll express my thanks!
A couple of quick observations from that 2005 annual summary...

- California had 6 more tornado reports than Oklahoma

- The highest report day for 2006 was yesterday (713)...compared with 508 on June 6 last year. Our number 2 day for 2006 was March 12, with 669.

- Our top tornado day so far this year was March 12 with 140 reports, compared with 56 for last September/November. Our number 2 day this year was yesterday with 63.