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Sources of close-up IR imagery?

What do we have for really good, zoomed in IR imagery?

With those three sites it's easy to pick out the lakes in TX and OK this morning.

But with other sites, they don't cut it -- not zoomed in enough and not enough shades on the palettte:

Where can we see more of the former, and less of the latter? I find I'm putting my IR use to the test finding the borders of this mid-cloud layer currently in Oklahoma (the UCAR image style below is the best quality I've found so far for this purpose):


I can have my GEMPAK box automate those for a few days if you need and upload to a webpage - just rough out an area that you want covered.
Well, it's nothing I need right now... just a source where I (or any of us) can go to in the future when we need such an image.

Interestingly this altocumulus deck we have in Oklahoma seems to not be accounted for in the NWS zone forecasts... I'm doubtful we're going to make our afternoon high.