some chasing video clips

We posted these 4 video clips to our coverage of a group of Southwest Virginia student storm chasers I traveled with in May, led by teacher Dave Carroll (a Stormtrack member). No tornadoes here, but some nice storm structure, some hail, and just a flavor of chasing for a primarily non-chasing audience in the Roanoke, Va., area.

3:15 video showing hail we ran into (too much of it for our tastes) near Lexington, Nebraska on May 17:

Pinwheeling wall cloud near Yuma, Colo., on May 24:

"Fake" tornado caused by dust being lifted under a wall cloud, probably by an RFD, Yuma Colo on May 24:

Escaping a gust front, originally appearing to be a low-hanging wall cloud, near Yuma, Colo on May 24:

The complete trip coverage, with photos, articles, journal entries and audio clips, can be found at:
Great chase reports and updates! I ran into your group in ?southern South Dakota on that bust day. Hopefully, next year will be better.

Bill Hark
Yeah, apparently we had one of the most productive chases of anyone that day (May 21) because we actually hit rain showers!