some chasing video clips

Apr 19, 2005
Roanoke Valley, Virginia
We posted these 4 video clips to our coverage of a group of Southwest Virginia student storm chasers I traveled with in May, led by teacher Dave Carroll (a Stormtrack member). No tornadoes here, but some nice storm structure, some hail, and just a flavor of chasing for a primarily non-chasing audience in the Roanoke, Va., area.

3:15 video showing hail we ran into (too much of it for our tastes) near Lexington, Nebraska on May 17:

Pinwheeling wall cloud near Yuma, Colo., on May 24:

"Fake" tornado caused by dust being lifted under a wall cloud, probably by an RFD, Yuma Colo on May 24:

Escaping a gust front, originally appearing to be a low-hanging wall cloud, near Yuma, Colo on May 24:

The complete trip coverage, with photos, articles, journal entries and audio clips, can be found at:
Great chase reports and updates! I ran into your group in ?southern South Dakota on that bust day. Hopefully, next year will be better.

Bill Hark