So...what happened to ST???

The server froze. I understand the outage ran for 2 days but I did not get word about it until yesterday afternoon. By that time tech support was gone for the day, so I had to work the issue today.

Wow... I think it went down sunday night.. i was wonderin' what the hell???? Glad were back up!
That's too bad.

Tim, I wonder if it would help you out if you passed on the dedicated server support contact info to the moderators on this list so that they can shake 'em up if you aren't around when (not if) it happens again?

The solution is a little more complicated. If I have to do server maintenance on short notice and can't get info posted, someone might jump the gun and get tech support alerted about a nonexistent issue. The current scheme works; I just need to get word about outages more quickly. If I go on vacation I'll delegate some of these responsibilities.

Thanks to advice from David Drummond I signed us up for to have the server monitored.