Snow in Tucson?!

I happened to look out the window and noticed a very strange color to the sky.

Huh? :confused:

Stepping outside - OMG! It's SNOW!! :cool:

I observed several diffuse flashes to the north. I didn't hear thunder, but am pretty sure it was the elusive Thundersnow.

There is nearly two inches on the ground here in eastern Tucson. This is the first white stuff I've seen in the lowlands since moving here over three years ago. I think I'll save a few snowballs for use in mid June! Pics to follow.

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Late yesterday afternoon there was some thundersnow in northeast Phoenix. About 6 p.m. I was bopping along when my steering got vague and I realized I was splashing through some slush on the road -- whoa!
On the extreme NW part of Mesa, we got some snow pellets (it wasn't sleet, but a bunch of pellets with the consistency of snow, not ice). It lasted just less than five minutes before turning into a cold rain. I heard some people say they had snow on the ground in the Phoenix area.

Being as I've seen snow somewhat recently (my Christmas/New Year's vacation in the eastern half of KS, where I was driving through slush and near white-out conditions, about 2-3" total), I didn't quite feel like heading to Payson to see it snow.