SKYWARN Recognition Day 2005 - Dec 3 - Tulsa, OK

Mike Gauldin

SKYWARN Recognition Day 2005
Saturday December 3, 2005
9am - 4pm
National Weather Service Office - Tulsa, OK

The National Weather Service will observe Skywarn Recognition Day (SRD) on Saturday December 3 and, once again, will be an integral part of that observance.

We will again begin the day's activities with a balloon payload launch at
0700 from the parking lot in front of the NWS/Red Cross offices. Harry
Mueller (KC5TR will preside over the launch and will lead his recovery
crew (along with any volunteers who are interested in joining them) in
tracking the balloon's ascent and descent.

We will be manning the ham desks at both the NWS office as well as the Red Cross from 0700-1800 CST and will be looking for volunteers to work 2-hour shifts. Properly licensed operators will be required for operation of the HF rig at the Red Cross but Technician-class participants will be able to
work HF with a control operator on duty. This will be a perfect chance for
logging some time on HF for those of you who may be interested!

If you will be available to participate, please e-mail me with 1-2 preferred
time slots and I will do my best to accommodate your requests. However if
you're available to work anytime from 0700-1800, please let me know as well. I will do my best to have a schedule finalized and published by November 10th.

For those of you who are also chasers, we would like to display your chase
vehicle set-ups and if you would like to assist in this endeavor, please let
me know as well. In addition, we will also be showing videos (providing we
can set up in the lobby) and if you have video you'd like to provide, please
advise me.

We look forward to your participation and hope to see you on December 3.
Until then, 73's!