Signature Permissions

Hey, how do you turn on html permission for a signature? I've noticed others using Html, but mine is off and I see no option anywhere. Thanks.
There are no special permissions. You just do in it in your user CP and add the link just like you would in a post. You website is showing up as a link for me in the signature.
Right, but I am talking about similar to your signature that say's Dryline Hosting: Your website's shelter in the storm!

What I have is just a url - not the same. I want mine to say Tornado Xtreme but the link point to

I've tried created it a number of different ways and even copied Mike Hollingshead's source from the page and it won't do it.

Permissions at the bottom of my signature page say that HTML is Off
Try doing it like this in your signature setup. Mine has html off as well.

[url=""]Dryline Hosting : Your website's shelter in the storm![/url]
[url=""]Dryline Media : Extreme Weather Video[/url]