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Set top DVD recorders: Newer not necessarily better

I finally decided to research and buy a set top DVD recorder with hard drive to record shows and do quicky DVD's of chase footage. Interestingly, there are many units that don't have a firewire input, an absolute necessity for anybody using a minDV camcorder. I finally decided on the Pioneer DVR 520. This is an older now discontinued model but it has one very useful feature:

I am able to output a DV signal via firewire from homemade DVD's (and a few commercial DVD's) and can record onto a miniDV tape. Supposedly, this signal won't go to a computer firewire input but I can always output via my TRV-900 to a computer and edit with minimal loss.

The newer Pioneers retain the firewire input but the output is disabled.

I have used the following forums for research:


In summary, if you want a DVD player with a FIREWIRE output, grab one of the remaining Pioneer DVR 520's. I don't know any other consumer grade DVD recorder with a firewire out.

Bill Hark