Editing storm video from a DVD

Bill Hark

Jan 13, 2004
Richmond Virginia
I will be editing some old storm video (VHS original source) from a friend. He had transferred it to DVD (highest resolution/lowest compression) and I will be using that DVD as a "master." The original VHS tape is history.

I am using Premiere Pro with a DVD as the final output as the footage will be combined with some video from better sources (Hi8/MiniDV). What is the BEST way to minimize loss when I transfer to AVI for editing?
Options: 1)Use the S-video output of the DVD player directly into my TRV-900 then firewire into the computer? 2) I am looking for a DVD recorder and I could use a firewire output to the computer (if DVD recorders with firewire output exist) 3) Directly rip the DVD material but Premiere Pro doesn't edit DVD's as a source.


Bill Hark
I have always used #1 and I do it a lot. I always transfer my chase material on to DVD to preserve quality. At the same time I keep the master tape even though I don't use it in order to keep the quality. So I always import my video from my DVD's. You will not loose and quality this way and it is very simple.

DVD > Video Camera > PC

I don't like Premiere as much as I like Liquid when it comes to capturing or digitizing as it is called via Liquid. One cool thing about liquid is you can use the batch capture (logging) feature and save a lot of time.

If you need any help let me know.

(if DVD recorders with firewire output exist)

I just know my two and 1/2 year old unit doesn't have that capability; firewire input only.

Just a thought: I don't know much about optical transfer, but does anyone else out there have any experience with it? My understanding is that optical is the fastest dubbing media extant with zero data loss.

a DVD is 4gig and change.. did your friend encode into AVI onto the disk or did he encode in another format?? ie... mpg2 etc... if this is so it will be difficult to edit. Hoping for an AVI .. anyways.. dont know what to tell you about inexpensive dvd authoring.. I use Vegas it does all that seamlesly so im spoiled kinda being i never had that dilema.. I know there are some higher end programs out there that do the job quite nice.. but they are $$$$
Thanks to everybody with the great responses to my question. The DVD should arrive in the next coupleof days and I can check format etc.

Bill Hark
If you have a DVD drive on your PC you can use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to your hard drive. Here's the trick. The DVD has files with a VOB extension. These are actually mpeg2 files. Find the largest VOB file in the rip and rename the extension from .vob to .mpg and Premiere will be able to use it.
DVD Decrypter:

I just tried it and it really does work.
Copy the .VOB files from the DVD to your hard drive. Then remove the .VOB ext and add the .mpeg ext. There you have it works great. Thanks again J.R.

This is great info everyone. Thanks! I need to completey re-address the way I'm archiving my digital video. I've been doing the external hard drive thing, collecting .avi's... but external hard drives are less than reliable. I've already lost one, had it replaced... and now I've got an unrecognizable drive that I must use $200 software in order to retreive the lost data from... almost 180GB worth. I'm just gonna put everything on DVDs. Much less expensive and much less tedious.

Some of these techniques mentioned I never really thought about...

Mike U
Well, the fascist corporate internet police have struck!

One can no longer download DVD Decrypter from this website

But once "the cat is out of the bag", it stays out. I found another location to download and it seems to work. I haven't had time to do any editing yet.


Although with most computers and software, there are better products the longer one waits, any thing that could be considered borderline should be bought sooner rather than later as it may not be available.

Bill Hark