Sending a camera in for warranty repair: how-to

Dan Robinson

I need to send my Sony HDR-FX1 in for warranty repair. However, I have dug deep on the Sony website, Google searches and on DV forums for hints on where to start the process. I may be missing something simple but I just don't know where to start.

I bought the camera new from B&H. The camera is still within the one-year parts warranty but outside the labor warranty. Does anyone have any info about:

1.) The phone number to call

2.) How the camera must be packaged

3.) What documentation must be sent with the camera

4.) The adress the camera must be mailed to

and any other relevant info?

I apologize if I've missed anything obvious, but my recent searches have been fruitless. A big thanks in advance for any info!
I knew it would be something like that!

By the way, if anyone is interested, the problem with the camera is some sort of weird 'iris flutter' oscillation that makes the picture brightness flicker constantly. The flicker is a steadily rhythmic light-to-dark oscillation. It happens on auto iris all of the time, and gets worse in bright conditions or situations where I switch to manual iris control and try to reduce the iris opening. The workaround is to switch to manual iris control and open it up all the way. But even then, if it is a bright scene, the flicker is still visible. It's not a problem with night lightning or dark storm environments, but bad for bright subjects like Cb timelapses and snow.

It's been going on for months. Apparently it is a rare problem, as no one else on DVInfo has reported having it. The cam is in good shape otherwise.
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Hi- Sorry to hear about your camcorder problems.
My HDR FX1 came in yesterday's mail. Yikes.
I'm happy so far.... learning my way around it.
What program do you use to interface with your computer?
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I've been happy with the FX1. The iris flutter apparently is a rare problem that no one else on DVInfo has reported, so I don't think it is anything to worry about.

I am using the HDLink utility that comes with CineForm Connect HD.
Just a quick update to this thread. I shipped my camera to Sony's Laredo, Texas repair center last week. They received it on Friday, October 27.

Sony has finished the repair as of Wednesday, November 1 and the camera is already en route back to me. I was charged the standard $249 labor fee (the camera is still under the one-year parts warranty).

They replaced over $800 in parts, including the lens, to address the 'iris flicker' problem. I should receive the camera either Friday or Monday, at which point I'll update again after testing things out. If all is well then, I'll be very impressed by the Sony warranty repair process - about a 1 week turnaround time from start to finish.
That's good news. Glad to hear.
I found the Sony wide angle lens from a reputable dealer for $330 so I had to "bite" at that one.
Looking for a Nikon 72mm cir polar filter and a rain jacket for it then I should be done.
All I need are storms now. Is it spring yet?