Seattle WA--23 rainy days and going for record

Rebekah LaBar

This is similar to Michigan's cloudiness record mentioned earlier. Seattle has measured rain every day for the past 23 days; with more rain in the forecast, the city may be going for a new record (33 days consecutive rain in '53)!

Rather humorous note about Seattle natives knowing who tourists are by their umbrellas--it's surely true! :) Having lived the first 10 years of my life in the Seattle area, I've always loved the spring and fall rains. However, I do know winters can get rather gloomy without all rain and no snow. Currently we're getting a Seattle-type winter for the most part in eastern WA--normally temps are colder and we get more snow. This winter it's in the warm and toasty 30s or 40s and we've had much more rain than I remember for the past 10 years. If only it would get a bit colder so the rain would turn to snow!
Hey, can you send some of that rain my way?! We haven't had any mesurable rain since July, looking at a slight( and I do mean slight)chance for this weekend, and we might be in the records next for most acres burned in a single state due to drought and stupidity. Our weather absolutely sucks!
How much rain have they had the past 23 days? The media would have you believe its time to make an arc, past experience leads me to think its been 23 days of drizzle with a few showers mixed in.
LOL! Yeah, I'm sure most of the days it's just drizzle! However, it has actually poured down so much the last few days where I'm at (central WA, just east of the Cascades) we're having some bad flood problems. More heavy rain is supposed to be coming tomorrow and Friday.

Here's how much rain Seattle has had per day in January:

Click "previous month" to see December. Several days have recorded over an inch of rain, and this January they've already had 4.76 inches.
Rebekah ... you live close to my family in Leavenworth ... really neat place. The thing that's nice about where you and they live is that the mountains have as much sunshine as anywhere, seems like - lots of variety in Washington. When I visited two summers ago I really loved the way the fog and mist would hang over Seattle and the range of mountains to the north closest to the sound. I actually loved the moody feel of the weather there - but don't know how it would be to have it all the time. I'd probably become even more of a coffee house junkie than I already am. We woke up early one morning just outside North Cascades NP and drove across Whidbey Island in the morning mist and I was in heaven. I hated it when Seattle was going through the drought because everything is so lush there - so it's great to hear they are getting all this rainfall!
Mike, Leavenworth is great!! I've been up there (about 1.5 hours due north of me) about three times before. Last time I was there was last October; I loved waking up to fog in the mountains that dissipated by afternoon. I've been to Whidbey Island, too. After moving to eastern WA, I really miss the rain the green of everything, as you mentioned. However, I do not miss the horrible traffic!

25 days of Seattle rain now with flooding and mudslides in western WA and OR. Eastern WA is having her own problems with rain on's finally snowing a little bit again here today!

I certainly hope these systems will eventually make their way to OK, TX, CO, etc. I'd be happy to exchange some of this rain for some warmer temperatures! :)