Sean Casey and his "THING" makes AutoWeek

There are two different TIV's (this guy and bushrag), so I could be getting them confused...but here are my observations from 2005.

Of all the times I saw them last year, there were two distinct major tornado days in the first half of July with tubes dropping everywhere (6/7 in KS and 6/12 in W TX). He was miles away from the tornadoes and not in any hurry to try and intercept them...staying off at a safe distance. Heck, I could have drove into the tornadoes several times easily myself with little effort.

On 5/31 in the TX PH, a very slow moving tornadic supercell was rampaging near Dimmit and Hereford again offering AMPLE opportunity to waltz right into the bear's cage. I saw this guy racing the opposite direction away from the potential tornadic circulation while I'm driving towards it.

So, in my mind from what I've personally seen, they don't seem very eager to drive into tornadoes....but love the publicity surrounding them. Has anybody yet seen any video footage from these guys getting into a tornado? I certainly haven't. If anybody has, then I'd like to know. They've been doing this for a few years now, so you'd think there would at least be one piece of video out there somewhere.
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I don't get what you're saying, Bob. Between the original article and your photos, I see two TIV's. Are you saying that there are MORE than two TIV's? Less than two? :?

I'm saying there is only one. The TIV in the article is the same as the one in my pics (with the "Bushrag" moniker).


(edit) Ohhhh, you know, after I posted this reply, I was still wondering why you were confused, but I think I know why.

Both ends of the TIV look like the front, since it looks like there are windshields at both ends. Nope. The two pics I have posted are the same vehicle, front and rear. The front of the TIV is what you see in the second pic (where it's jacked up being repaired).

BTW, that's me in the yellow shirt in the first pic.
Ahhh!!! I do believe you are correct! They made some body modifications between 2004 and 2005 that slightly altered the appearance and threw me off. Notice that the armoured headlights that are seen in last year's photos are gone this year.

What were they in the shop for? I just think it'd be hilarious to hear that this 14,000 pound tank was disabled by something as simple as hitting an armadillo. :lol:
LOL, I don't know what the problem was...

...but I was a little miffed because we were chasing!, I needed the station owner to turn on the gas pump for me (no pay-at-the-pump there), and he was underneath the TIV.