Sandy's Blizzard's destruction in West Virginia

D. Vance

October 29 and the following days was the worst snowstorm I have ever seen! Brought on by Hurricane Sandy, it dumped extremely heavy wet snow in parts of West Virginia. I would estimate that 30-40 inches of snow fell, but the ground never really hit freezing, so it continually sank. The trees, however, were devastated. literally, it was almost impossible to look anywhere without seeing trees and limbs snapped by the snow.
Power was totally knocked out in the Elkins and Beverly area, and at least 3 counties were almost 100% off, if I remember correctly.

In the following days, Dad and I drove around filming the extensive tree damage, and I very hurriedly put together a roughly ten minute clip when we got power back. It's basically impossible to show it like show it like it was, but I tried.

WeatherNation TV had contacted me for permission to broadcast parts of it; I don't know if they did for sure or not.
I know it is older news, but I thought you guys might enjoy it. Be sure to watch in full HD!

Watch video >

Reed Timmer was actually chasing this storm as well, and he spent a couple nights in Elkins. I never thought there'd be a reason for him to come to West Virginia! It was pretty neat to meet him, as he is the first storm chaser I really ever heard of; well, he and Sean Casey. Also the first true storm chaser I've met in person.
him and I:

There are a couple shots that should have been edited out; The shot of it panning down the downed power line was really jerky, and I'm kind of embarrassed that it is in there, but I guess it's too late to change it for that upload.

Great video, I would hate to have that much snow dumped on my area.

Some of you guys feeling old now?? LOL :p

It does make me feel quite old, I believe the first storm chaser I heard of was Al Moller way back in the early and mid 90's.
So I guess the lesson here is, don't complain about the nor'easters we deal with in PA. :D

Great video Darin, very impressive storm for sure.
You did a great job of documenting the aftermath of the storm Darin. You found a nice balance between the damage and some of the beautiful winterscapes left behind in its wake. That certainly was impressive, thanks for sharing!