Samsung X426 cell phone reception?

Dec 11, 2003
Denton, Texas
My friend bought a Samsung X426 for use as his primary phone. Thought the GSM network in Iowa City was better than it is and his reception is poor. The phone doesn't have any obvious antenna ports so the situation looks grim, but I thought our techheads might have some ideas. Anything he can do?
What service is he using? ATT and Cingular both have a trial period, after which you can return the phone and cancel the service.
They make a repeater of sorts which will give you a "wirless" connection to an external antenna. There was some chatter about these on the chat board one night. My inlaws use them for their handset phones out in Eastern Colorado and seems to think they work well. Someone else will come up with the link, sorry I don't have it.

I've looked into cell phone repeaters in the past. They are quite expensive. You have to by the repeater, an indoor antenna and an outdoor antenna. You also have to make sure the repeater works with the same bands your phone works on.

It's a risky investment, if you use your mobile at home all the time it could be worth it, especially if you can get by without a landline. But with cell service changing so rapidly the repeater might only be viable for few years.
Hahaha, maybe I should choose better language. I'm not talking about a full blown repeater :shock:

This is a much simpler set up that I was trying to describe. Though, if you want to spend some bucks, you can get some range.

Neither am I. I'm not talking about a 100ft antenna or anything. About $500-1000 for the setup I am thinking of. Do they make smaller repeaters?