Sacramento area hit AGAIN!!!!

Preliminary reports indicate that tornadoes may have occurred in the Sacramento area on Friday afternoon. Damage to trees and roofs occurred in several areas in Sacramento, including the Natomas area - which was also hit back in February. Damage has also been reported southeast of Stockton.

More information can be found at the following links.....

Local storm report from NWS Sacramento

My mom has also relayed me some sketchy details about an apparent tornado that hit the very small town of Ballico in northeastern Merced County (85 miles southeast of Sacramento....and about 8 miles southeast of where my parents live). One of the teachers at the school in Ballico (whom both of my parents know) witnessed damage occurring about 75 yards west of the school at about 6:20pm PDT. I have not heard any other details at this time, other than that the school wasn't hit - and the entire town is without power. Hopefully I will have more details later tonight or tomorrow.
I was watching these when i got home from school. Out of the blue there were 2 counties warned for Tornado, and the cells did not even look that impressive, although there was good shear. Very interesting stuff. Im actually going to be in sacramento tomorrow so ill see if theres any damage i can take pictures of on my way up to Oregon.
This year is just a reminder that nature is unpredictible. Who would have thought Califonia would have this many tornadoes in the first four months of 2005?
turns out there were 4 reported all in one area....seems this area is prime for spring outbreaks
but its time to pack my bags for a eastern trek to the plains - cause were are out of weather here in southern california - or will be very soon