Road Trip Checklist

John Erwin

This is kind of a tangent from the First Aid Kit thread so I made it a new topic.

I've always liked having a checklist to use before going on any road trips (weather chasing or otherwise). It's easy to forget critical items when you have other things on your mind. I've ommited wx chasing specific items here since everyone will have thier own requirements for this. I also didn't include obvious items such as your cell-phone(or other communication methods), clothing and food for instance.

I adapted the list from several other sources, and have used most of the items at one time or another. In the case of the tools I tend to limit the items to ones that will work with my vehicle, although some of the tools have come in handy to help a fellow motorist out of a jam too. Most of the items are arranged in "kits" to keep things tidy both in and out of the vehicle.

Feel free to make suggestions or criticisms as required; I'm always looking to make improvements. :)

Road Trip Check list

Tool Box (flat style, fits under seat)

() ½" drive socket set
() ¾" drive socket set
() Combination Wrench's
() phillips/common screwdrivers
() Multimeter
() Needle Nose pliers
() Channelock pliers
() Wire Strippers
() utility knife
() Allen Wrench's (I don't need for my current vehicle)
() Breaker Bar
() Swiss Army Knife
() Torx drivers
() Tire Pressure Gauge

Repair Kit (small tote)

() Fuses
() Fan Belt
() Duct Tape
() Electrical Tape
() Hand Cleaner
() "Zip" Ties
() Assorted Hose Clamps
() Emerg Tire Inflator
() spool 14ga electrical Wire
() JB Weld

Emergency Kit (med tote)

() First Aid Kit
() Fire Extinguisher
() Tow Strap
() Rags
() Jumper Cables
() Blanket
() Waterproof Matches or Lighter
() Shovel
() Trash Bags
() Flash Light (yes, another one!) with spare batteries
() Work Gloves
() Drinking Water
() non-perishable food items
() clear plastic sheeting

Fluid items

() Motor Oil
() Transmission Fluid
() Brake Fluid
() Funnel
() Radiator Sealant
() Washer Fluid
() Power Steering
() Water jug

Misc Items

() Toilet Paper
() Spare Keys
() Rubber Boots
() Rain gear
() Gas Can
Ahh, thanks Bob; on reflection maybe I should have posted this thread there..