Reports 10-2-06

im going to make this short and sweet since i have about 5 mins left of battery power.......Ive been without power for about 12 hours now after the storms ripped through here last night. At bout 930 pm last night a large MCS moved through the CHI metro area and knocked out power to 116,000 including me! i measured a 68 mph gust as the gust front came through and hail to the size of nickles for about 2 or 3 minutes.....then i was called to the firehouse as there was roof damage and a foot of water on the roads where we couldnt get the fire engine through the water....all in all a fun night and everyone on my little battery powered radio especially WGN expect and are hyping an even worse night! updates later
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From last night: these are of a hotel roof that was apparently blown off last night in Peru, Illinois during the MCS. Its interesting that none of the surrounding buildings had any discernable damage.


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I was in that also. The hail over by us was golf ball sized. The lightning was spectacular, if you were able to see out of the windshield. Great storm!