Real-time video output to TV while editing......

Joey Ketcham

Does the Pinnacle line of firewire cards just suck or am I missing something?

I have a 2nd computer that I use for video editing only that has a Pinnacle firewire card installed on it that came with the Pinnacle Studio Ver. 9 package I bought from Best Buy.

What I’d like to do is to be able to run a composite video cable from the computer to a TV so I can see what I’m editing in real-time on a TV instead of relying on my small 15â€￾ monitor.

The card has a composite out, I use Adobe Premiere Professional 1.5 on a Windows XP machine. I would assume that because there is composite out that this would be possible, but apparently not.

I run the composite cable from the video out to my TV, but I cannot get the video in my timeline to display on the TV. It’s as if no signal is coming from the firewire card.


I have to hook my XL1S up using the firewire cable, then run a composite cable from the video out on the XL1S with it in VCR mode, and then and only then will my video in the timeline show up on the TV screen.

So, am I missing something or does the Pinnacle line of cards just flat out suck? Is there another card I can get that’ll meet my needs on this?

Are you talking about viewing the "preview" edit on the TV or the actual editing using the TV instead of the Computer Monitor?

If you're looking for a preview of what you just edited, your video card will need to support the video out or dual monitor. If your looking to replace, the monitor with the TV, then again, your video card will need to support that.

Firewire cards only capture the video and then put it back. Any monitoring you do will have to be from the camera video outs or from the computer video card.

At least as I understand it. I may be wrong here.
Sorry, I'm talking about viewing the preview of it on TV instead of the computer monitor.

You're right.

One would have to get a dedicated editing card such as a Canopus DV Storm2 that does output to NTSC for monitor. It also has a hardware MPEG encoder that speeds up the encoding process for DVDs, and performs transitions in real time. Also spits out firewire right off the timeline. It can encode analog NTSC straight through to your HD. Absolutely perfect for SD editing.

I used to have one of these, but pulled it because I've switched directions due to HD. I'm afraid that HD brings 3.2 GHz machines to their knees during editing...and I didn't like it.

So....I've got this card I'm going to sell on Ebay or something....

Hey joey.. If you would use Vegas you could edit and see your project on your TV of course it seems only a few of us use vegas and no on listens as they continue and struggle with thier current editing system.
Nevermind....didn't see you had the solution I use already.