If you want to post information from an article, it's probably best to summarize the content and give a source for your information. If you feel that the article presents the information in the best way possible, then you can copy/paste it as long as you use the "QUOTE" feature of this board. In addition, if you provide a snippet of an article, or an entire small article, you MUST give the source! Posts that include direct text of online articles, without giving the source, will be deleted. This is NOT because we don't trust the information. Rather, there are copyright legalities involved that Stormtrack Administration does not want to deal with.

To reiterate...
+ Please do not post lengthy articles. + Summarize or quote brief snippets of the article. If it's a short article, then you can include it. Just use your discretion.
+Try to use the "QUOTE" feature of this board to ensure that we can discriminate between your words and the words in the article.
+ You MUST include the source, including the name of the source and a link to the online article (if applicable).