Rayovac IC3 15 min. charger


im not sure who here will find this informative.. Im a techie junkie.. I have high end digital equipment Im using constantly..

I came across this product. I bought a Sony W1 camera it uses AA batteries..

I bought the rayovac IC3 charging system for this camera and all my other things around the house that requires this kind of battery. The batteries are 2000mah they hold charge for digital cameras etc. 4 times longer than your average high end AA alkaline.

it works as advertised and will charge a battery in 15 minutes.. Totally 100% recommend this system for someone using high end electronics that eat them batteries up. I charged a set and they worked all 4th of july weekend in my digital camera with HEAVY use... Bad ass...
I love mine. I got mine at SAMS for under $20. It came with 4 AA batteries car & home charger. I now have 3 sets of batteries and 2 chargers. I love having a charger in my truck so I can charge as I go with my radios and digital equipment. SAMS also has another brad that’s a 30min charger although I’ve not tried those.
Quick charge batteries

I would look forward to your re-review of these products in 6 mos. to a year's time to see how they are holding out. Conventional wisdom on batteries seems to indicate that battery life is directly affected by the speed at which the batteries are charged... perhaps these batteries will bust that myth.
literature says 1000 recharges
a few years I assume.. lol

Price for new batteries is only about twice the price of high end alkalines