Rate this bad creature, guys...

This is the strongest italian tornado video: I'm sorry I have not a complete list of the damage pics of the monster.
The tornado hit a little city near Ragusa(Sicily-Italy)
To me, seeing these images I could say that this is at least F3. Fortunately the tornado didn't go inside the city and no one died.
How do you rate this, guys?


Fonte meteoweb
Good video!

It's hard to say from the video, but I would estimate strong F3 based on the large debris that the tornado lofted to cloud base. The tornado cyclone didn't appear to be rotating as fast as some I've seen, but it was still going at a pretty good clip.

Great Footage!

Without doing a damage survey, it's kind of difficult to give an accurate F-scale intensity, but for sh*ts and grins I would say that bad boy was possibly a strong F-2, low end F-3.
I could tell you that a farmer had a caravan near his field: the tornado headed toward the caravan and did pick it up up to 1 kilometer; he didn't find immediatly his caravan and he found it thanks to a friend that phoned to him and found the caravan....But the sad new was that the caravan was completely destroyed...