Radar Detectors

Dec 4, 2003
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Anybody still use radar detectors, as part of their chase equipment.

I do not own any radar detectors, I usually drive only 5-6 mph over the speed limit these days. In the past I have own a couple of radar detectors but was annoyed with the constant fallse alarm, even then I still drove only 5-6 mph over the speed limit,. On the interstates in Michigan, the speed limit is 70 mph, thats fast enough for me, I may go 73 mph if I am in a hurry. LOL. Plus you should not be speeding when chasing.

Radar Detectors:
http://www.beltronics.com/ -Beltronics
http://www.cobraelectronics.com/ -Cobra
http://www.escortradar.com/ -Escort
http://www.k40.com/ -K40
http://www.pnicorp.com/family?nodeId=c4 -PNI
http://www.rockymountainradar.com/ -Rocky Mountain
http://www.valentine1.com/ -Valentine
http://www.uniden.com/ -Uniden
http://www.whistler-radar.com/index.html -Whistler

Other companies, I could not immediately find a web site
Blinder, Case Logic, etc

I used them in the past but don't anymore. Like you, I got tired of the false alarms. It got to be more annoying than helpful. I find it less stressful just to cruise around the speed limit (maybe a little above :wink: ) than to try and speed up then slow down everytime the stupid thing screamed.
I used to use one quite a while ago, but I don't think they serve much of a purpose any more. Sure, they work when a cop keeps his/her radar on for a while, but cops are not stupid. Many radars now have 'instant-on', meaning that the radar turns on very quickly before registering your speed, leaving you very little time (generally <2 seconds) to react and slow down. For the most part, instant-on radars 'beat' radar detectors. Add in the precision of laser, and I just don't see the point in them any more. I think they provide a false sense of security for $100-$300. In fact, 2 of my 3 speeding tickets (only times I've been pulled over) have been issued while using my radar detector.

I generally drive between 0-10 mph over the speed limit, depending upon road conditions, traffic, and route (e.g. I'll generally go ~75-80mph on the KS Turnpike, but I rarely, if ever, speed on roads with speed limits <50 mph).
I have a get-out-of-jail-free card, so I don't use a radar detector. I don't take advantage of this, and like the rest of you I usually keep it within 10 mph over on the highways and less on the side roads. Remember we are often driving on wet roads and it is much harder to make a sudden stop or evasive manuever when the roads are wet, especially at higher speeds.
Never have used one. Just aren't worth the money. I shouldn't be going that fast anyway. Most of the local police know me and that generally helps. If there's weather in the area they mostly wave at me as I drive by. If I'm setting up and waiting on things to develop, sometimes the local deputy will stop by and chat.

If I goof up though and they see it, I know they'll nail me in a heartbeat.
Mines more primative but works well. Get a CB and talk to the truckers if your on the highway. they'll call out the bears for you. They'll be even more helpfull if you help them. Usually all truckers are on Ch 19. I found this also good because you have a sense of where you are more buy knowing what mile marker your at. or at least paying more attention to the mile markers.
I have never bought or seriously considered one. I typically don't drive at speeds too far over the posted limit, so I don't really feel I need a $100 plus piece of equipment to tell me when I'm being tracked. Besides, my last 3 tickets in the past 3 years have all been for rolling through stop signs, not speeding! :lol:
I enjoy the "false sense of security" of our Escort RD. False alarms aren't much of a problem. You do have to remember that it doesn't alert when you're going a little too fast over a hill with no one ahead of you, and the cop is sitting at the roadside bagging out-of-staters who aren't wise to the speed trap. That was my downfall last spring.

I don't speed much on the open road where 60-65 hwy/70-75 fwy is plenty, or when the limit is reasonable. The detector is for speed traps and for alerting where police are lying in wait or trolling for violators. In most cases I suspect the cops that gave Tony grief at stop signs had their radars blasting away. It's also come in handy to alert for accidents ahead on the freeway because the state officers often leave their radars on at the scene.
I use a Cobra but bought it primarily for the built-in weather radio that activates on a tone alert... Wasn't very expensive on EBay.

- Rob