Pumps fail in NO

Also reporting some leaks in the superdome roof with some water raining down on the evacuees. CNN just reported some windows breaking and structural damage in downtown N.O.
Not really a hard link, but at least it's on a NO news website (towards the bottom): http://www.wdsu.com/news/4908558/detail.html

I do find it odd that they were orginally saying that there would be 20k-30k people inside the Superdome, but Brian Williams (NBC) said it was more like 8k, and that blog in the link above suggests 10k. Who made the 20k-30k figure? LOL
N.O. mayor just said on MSNBC that "some" of the pumps have failed and that some of the levees are "close to being overwhelmed". No link yet.

Mayor Ray Nagin told NBC's “Todayâ€￾ show that some flooding was inevitable after one of the city's water pumping stations had failed.

At the Superdome, where thousands sought shelter, rain was leaking in and the power failed at 5:02 a.m. ET, triggering groans from the crowd. Emergency generators kicked in, but the backup power runs only reduced lighting and is not strong enough to run the air conditioning.

I believe it was a National Guard person I heard telling Fox News last night that they had 14k in the Superdome. Vast discrepancies in such facts are to be expected in a media orgy though.
according to NWS, Levee just failed. they have now issued a FF warning for NO NWS expects 3 to 8 feet of water in the Arabi and 9th ward of NO.