powerpoint material for WX talk

I'm going to be doing a WX safety presentation at our local Air Force Base in a few weeks and I'm in process of developing a powerpoint presentation. What I cant seem to find [easily] is radar imagery showing classic supercells, squall lines, MCSs and so on. I would also be interested samples of watch boxes. Since this is my first slide show for adults, I'm open to suggestions.

thanks Trackers!
That is something I made from 2004 storms. I started it but never finished it as it was simply taking WAY too much time(56k connection didn't help). It shows lots of supercells from the year and none of those are repeat storms but all different, just caught at a moment in their tracks. It probably isn't exactly what you were looking for but I thought maybe it might be of interest.

I'm sure there is some site out there with examples of each. If not you can always download the GR levelx viewer and grab some.

I've been looking for one as well for our EMS agency. It kind of baffled me that one of the nations top EMS services doesn't have some sort of severe weather awareness training since we are in Oklahoma and we get a lot of employees from out-of-state. Does anyone have access to the one the NWS gives to emergency services? I've been trying to get one from the local NWS office, but I haven't had time to go up there and try to get a copy.
THere's plenty of chasers/photographers on here that would likely let you use a few of their pics in your presentation, with typically one caveat that you credit them where appropriate for said images. Just ask them. Lots of web links to chaser sites with a lot of great pics of supercells, and in a few cases some accompanying screen caps of radar to correspond witht e pics.
Just type 'Supercell Radar' into Google Images and use radar pictures that are clearly from the NWS. Add a credit at the bottom to NWS.