Potentially serious weather situation!

Craig Maire II

Winter storm watches are now in effect for portions of Iowa where according to the National Weather Service a Potentially serious situation could develop.
for more information please feel free to visit: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/dmx/
Just reading some of hte outlooks for you guys.. it sounds like they are expecting several inches of snowfall on Wednesday.. this, of course, followed by periods of light drizzle and freezing rain. stay safe!
Severe winter weather

Since 1/01/05 we have had over 15 inches of snow and tons of ice in my area!! We are making up BIG TIME for what we didn't get in November/December!!
Howard, rub your eyes and look a little closer at the forecast. 70km/hr winds with super severe wind chills. Only 1 cm of snow is forecast but it will blow all the snow out of Saskatoon and into Regina. Remember the train that got buried in the 40s?

"February 8th, 1947: Southern Saskatchewan was reeling from a series of blizzards that began on 30 January. For 10 days, all highways in Regina were blocked. Railway officials declared conditions the worst in Canadian Rail history. One train lay buried in a snowdrift 1 km long and 8m deep."

Here is the thread I started earlier on this topic...


...seriously though, I would be more concerned about the cold (-50 wind chill) than 1cm of snow.

potentially dangerous weather situation

Here in north central Il., our 7" of snow will be gone by tomorrow night with the addition of 3/4" - 1.5" of rain coming (per LOT) before the bottom drops out Thurs. night with temps expected to be somewhere in the neighborhood of -5 come Friday morning. Should be interesting to say the least.