Pix from last week

:D Well I finally got enough time to post some pix from last weeks storms.
I wont give any accounts or time lines just locations.
I hope this works as this is the first time I have attempted to post images.

The first image is of the dust cloud at the base of the tornado NE of Kearney NE on May 05 2005.


This image is of the partial condensation funnel and dust cloud at the same location.


This image was taken about 10:30 at night just west of Seward NE. It was a tornado warned storm. Is it a funnel? You decide.


Well thats about all that I have worth posting.

Hope it all works

I agree. I wasn't aware that anyone had such good shots of the Hallam storm that early on -- and I'm REALLY surprised to see the closeups of the June 13, 2004 storm (the storm that used to be the Stormtrack logo in the upper lefthand corner of the site). That's the first anyone has mentioned, let alone shown, a wedge with that storm. Very cool stuff.
I just realized that in this context my reply seems a non-sequitor. I was referring to his website:


Which has early pictures of the Hallam tornado as well as close-ups of the "twin vortexes" that Hollingshead caught on film (and a wedge that he didn't!) beneath the storm that used to be featured in the graphic in the upperlefthand corner of this site.
Been chasing since about 96. I started out keeping it close to home but every year I venture out a little further. Didnt see our first tornado untill last year. I didnt take the time to learn about storms etc untill reciently so it cost me many tornados. Now I think I know a little but Mother Nature just needs to cooperate.