Part of SuperDome Roof Blown off

A heavy mist is reported inside the Superdome.

:shock: Now THAT is significant!

I'm surprised they had people down on the field this late. Even if the field was being used as an initial processing point, I would have expected them to have people billeted into higher areas by morning.

Speaking of pulling all nighters, I wonder how many of those people got any sleep?

There are some still pictures of the holes in the roof on MSNBC now (taken by one of their reporters inside).....
Not sure where this MSNBC picture is ... but only reports I can gather is the lining to the roof is peeling off ... 3 x 5 hole is not significantly big and need no worry to panic ... that's the size of a school desk
If the roof fails, the entire building comes down. The superdome is engineered so that the roof acts as a sort of keystone. The roof is what keeps all the walls standing. Take it off, and everything falls down. Luckily, it seems that it weathered the storm.