outputting video via firewire


Feb 3, 2005
Shawnee, OK
Since upgrading my computer to windows7 and my other computer running vista, I haven't been able to output video through the firewire.
I have always been able to do this with xp sending the video to tape.

All I get is audio, no video.
I have tried using premiere cs4 and windows movie maker. both in SD and HD.
I can capture video in sd and hd just fine.

Has anybody else had the same problem, any suggestions on fixing it?
Hey Charles - this thread immediately came to mind when I read your post: http://www.stormtrack.org/forum/showthread.php?p=251415

It sounds like you are a step further than David ever made it (meaning his camera/camcorder wouldn't even be recognized by Windows), but it sounds like there are still issues with Windows 7 and Firewire. I'm sorry but I don't have any advice to offer you, although it would seem someone here would have encountered the same problem you are experiencing. Hopefully someone will chime in with some advice soon.
Thanks for the reply.
I don't think my problem was with a driver.
I had an issue with the format of the video probably.
I had the same problem on my 64bit Windows7 machine and 32big Vista.
I did finally get it to output to my HDV tape deck by exporting to tape.
It took a little while to encode it then sent it to the tape deck.

In my previous version of Premiere (6.5) I could just play the video and it would output it through the firewire.