Organize your stuff in your vehicle

Feb 25, 2004
I am one of those who hates a lot of stuff cluttering up a vehicle. Last year I purchased a seat organizer and I gotta tell you, it rocks! It will hold all your maps/atlas's, flashlight, scanner, kestrel, etc...anything you need it too. When I'm not chasing, I just flip it around and it hangs off the back of the seat. If I'm chasing (and no one is with me), I hang it over the front of the passenger seat and everything is easily accessible.

For only $25, it's not a bad investement. They have a couple other styles too, or you might be able to find something cheaper on ebay. Here's the link to the one I purchased:

Thought I would pass this along to all of you who have maps sliding all over over the dash :lol:
One of my tasks yesterday was finding an ideal place to hold blank tapes. I keep used tapes in my glove box (after I pull the no-record tab) but don't store new ones there because of the danger of pulling out one with video and accidentally erasing it. I also don't like to open that compartment in general, especially if there's tornado video inside. You never know when some outlaw chaser will rush up to your passenger window and sling watered-down Coke into your glove box!

So I found a cheap organizer 'satchel' in Target on sale for $3.98. It has the velcro straps, but it is nowhere near as cool and versatile as what Sheila has posted. That's an awesome piece of gear for the money, and solves blank tapes, window mounts, cell phone, and other accessory issues in one shot.
The back of my Jimmy is usually pretty messed up, but just before each chase I take about 15 minutes to whip everything into shape. Last year I bought three medium size plastic bins with closable tops to keep things together. I keep camera/photog accessories in one, car stuff in one, and one for first aid/emergency gear. I also keep a couple tool boxes back there (which have come in handy more than once) - this year my big goal is to get the dashboard souped up with velcro for everything - and my awesome brother is putting together a super cool dash mount for one cam to stay continuously mounted up front with us. Should be much better than last year -
Shiela has the right idea.. Law Enforcement supply companies have all kinds of great solutions for carrying their equipment. I use them myself ;)

Although by the end of my day my sh!t seems to be strung all over the floorboard and in the seats.. Seems you dont really have alot of time to put things back in their place when your on a big storm and your in and out in and out.. running hard and crazy...
For the past 2 years I've hated having my radios and what not spread out and velcroed to everything, so this year i finally baught a console from Troy products and put something together to go in between my seats. This is it and i love it! lol... i will be installing it this week, you guys can check out how the installation goes on our web page (, i should have them posted by wednesday!

I too spent all of yesterday refitting my radio console (Stewart Mfg.) and finished it..complete with a V8000 2 meter radio, whelen P.A./siren, KWTV company radio, ram products computer (laptop) mount, Pete Brothers weather system 2000. magellan gps..power converter..ect.... I will try to post pictures in a day or two provided Im not working at the tv station. The console is a cool tool....I have mine with quick disconnect plugs and can remove it for security..or to take the geek out of my geek mobile and drive the family to follow.
For the uber-geeks with many radios, the console is definately the way to go. Granted, it will make the center section of your vehicle completely useless for anything else, it eleviates radios mounted to the dash, and all kinds of weird places. You have easy access to all equipment without having to take your eyes off the road for more than a split second when making adjustments (should that be neccessary while moving).

Troy Products, Havis Shields, Jotto, etc.... all make very good products. They suit most needs. When they dont, you can manufacture your own: