Oregon Tornado Chasers' Society Meeting

Dec 20, 2003
There will be a meeting of the Oregon Tornado Chasers' Society on Jan 29, at 12:30 pm at the Peacock Tavern in Corvallis, Oregon (125 SW 2nd). Featured will be video from myself and Chuck Vlcek as we chased Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska the last full week of May, and what a week that was!

We will also have dvd's from Amos Magliocco, Mike Umscheid and Shane Adams from this past year - some of the most spectacular tornado footage around. All local chasers (and yes, there are chasers here in Oregon, even if we have to travel a bit to get to the Plains) are invited to bring their own footage - must be in dvd format to be shown, as there will not be a vcr available.

Viewing will continue until we all get tired of it, get too much liquid story telling fluid down our throats or get run off by the live music scheduled for Saturday night.

Richard Halter
President, Oregon Tornado Chasers' Society :D 8)