One of the greatest lightning shots I've seen

Yea, I saw that shot ealier this week! It is really amazing at the quality of the picture!! From what I can tell it looks like it is hitting somewhere within that town. Amazing either way!
I went back into the spaceweather archives to get the text -- here is what is says (it was from August 18th):

"Every 10 milliseconds somewhere on our planet a bolt of lightning plunges down from the clouds and strikes Earth. A few nights ago in the Mojave Desert, JPL astronomer James W. Young photographed a magnificent strike:

If this lightning bolt was like most, it heated the air around it to ~20,000o C or three times hotter than the surface of the sun. (No wonder lightning starts so many wildfires.) The bolt itself was lit by a thousand billion (1012) watts of electrical power. If you see such a display, take the picture, then take cover!"
Wow, that really gives you a good perception of the three diminsionality (is that a word?) of lightning! :shock:

I was thinking the same thing. One of these days, on a day like June 12 there will be a bunch of chasers who get the same lightning bolt from silimilar distances but different angles. It would be great to put those together and 'rotate' the lightning around an axis! Even three chasers spaced apart by 1/2 mile or so shooting in the same direction would give a good 3d effect.
That's simply beautiful. Unique in that you can clearly see where the bolt connects with the ground. Perfect vantage point.
That is sweeeeeeeet. Talk about turning night into day... I bet there are some soiled pants in that town.

Actually...the best example of turning night into day that I've seen happens to be a picture I took this year. I didn't realize what I had captured until I went back into the house. It's only that bright for a split second so I never really realized.

Before strike

During strike

Large Versions Available Here
What that article failed to mention is that the JPL photographer was vaporized just a minute later by another 20,000C bolt of lightning.

Just kidding. Although I would be a little worried taking photos from his hilltop location.