On the Road, with...

Dec 8, 2003
Calera, AL
I took an indefinite LOA from work this week in order to get some health issues straightened out. One thing I decided to do to allow me to reduce some stress is to take a mini-road trip through Nebraska and Kansas.

One thing about Kansas I discovered is that I'll never stay in another motel here. The previous two nights I spent camping at state parks (Tuttle Creek/Randolph north of Manhatten and Perry Lake north of Topeka) and I've been very impressed with the grounds and facilities (secluded and well manicured primitive sites, water, shower facilities, etc.) The cost for out of state folks like me is $14.50 a night ($6.50 vehicle permit and $8.00 camping fee), much more pleasing to a budget minded chaser like myself; I can live without a hair drier and 2-cup coffee maker if it means I save $25-$40 a night. :)

Also, I want to put in a definite 2 thumbs up for the Topeka Public Library, main branch west of the capitol building, off 10th Street. I've spent almost all morning here on the internet as well as conducting genealogical research. No sign in or time limit; you just find an open terminal anywhere throughout the building and have at it. No hassles, no charges (though I will probably drop off a donation when I leave just because of such a relaxed policy.)

Well, I'm out of here. Heading out to see what adventure awaits me over the horizon. :)


Drop me a line Mike.. If your still in the area...Ill meet you for a couple beers ;)

Lawrence has an awesome brewery