Old Images

Feb 23, 2004
Englewood, Colorado
I don't think I saw anything in the rules about it, but I wanted to know if there was an official rule about how long image files should be maintained. I was thinking about cleaning house on my web server, and wanted to find out about this before I started causing broken image links in older threads.
I'm not aware of any rules regarding stuff hosted on your own website John. I am about to do the same thing you are. What I have done in the past was create a directory in my website called 'stormtrack' and most things I link here are in there. Makes it easy to track and such.

When I reorganize, I plan on watching my 404 errors and when I see stuff hitting a 404 from here, I will come back and update the post to the new location.

If it's not something your going to replace, you could just update it and remove the image link when you see the 404 error. Of course, you won't be able to do that for stuff in the archives though.
My stuff is already in its own folder on the server, so that's easy enough to manage. What I'll probably end up doing then is renaming the folder temporarily, seeing how many 404's come down the pipe, and making adjustments to old posts accordingly. Thanks for the info and ideas.
Delete whenever you like... as long as your images are up for about a week it's really no big deal. Anyone doing historical research months from now ought to be able to contact you if they need any images.