OklahomaLightning.com-2004 ChaseVideo

I don't think the vid will need much plugging by myself as the chase events speak for themselves. I watched this video and enjoyed it a lot. The editing is very professional and the flow is perfect. It just doesn't slow down like so many chase vids. I'd be sure to hit Charles up for either a purchase or a trade. I'd much rather watch a 22 minute to the point video then some of the longer vids with not worthy vid to fill all that time. Fine production Charles! And congrats on all the tubage. The May 29 and June 12 tornadoes had to be something to see in person, sigh.
Wow Charles! Just got to watch your DVD and it was awesome! This DVD has many of the features I want to incorporate into my future DVDs. I especially liked the intermixing of radar images, TV, TWC reports and still images.

The June 12th Mulvane, KS tornado shown is just awesome!

Gotta get yourself a copy of this DVD!
Nicely done, all action. Unique views of both May 29 and June 12, as well as a much-undocumented tornado day in northern OK (May 26)

Attractive packaging is an added bonus.
The action never lets down at all in the slick DVD. Nice to see a slightly different view of the sooner lake tornado on May 26th too. Also nice to see the Mulvance tornado from the other side.

Highly recomended!!
Dave and I watched Charles' video yesterday.
This may be shorter than most, but it is all tornadoes, From Haskell Ok in Late April to the June 12 Mulvane Ks footage, it is all filmed very well, and put together nicely. One of the best shots I've seen of (one of ) the Jamestown, Ks tornadoes, as well as 2 tornadoes out both sides at one point.
The Mulvane footage is awesome, check it out!!!
Charles Allison keeps the action going in his “Oklahoma Lightning – 2004â€￾ DVD. Cool time lapses and nice structure is provided on May 24th in Kansas followed by a great catch on May 26th near Sooner Lake, OK with a pretty laminar tornado. Another round of cool storm structure time lapse returns on May 29th that makes you wish it wasn’t November! A graceful, at times sunlit, tornado fills the screen as it churns across the Kansas countryside. The video commences with a different view from the south of the Mulvane, KS tornado. What violent motion! Be sure to check out this DVD!

Scott Blair