NY Hackshops for cameras. A must see


Ever wonder about all those places that sell the expensive equipment we use? The NY Hack shops...

Here is some enlightening information for all to see.

My reccomendation and the safe names in the circles of video producers etc. B&H and EVSonline in Ca. I have personally done thousands of dollars worth of business with both without a hitch.

Check out this link.
NY Camera Shops
Yeah -- according to Consumerist, PriceRitePhoto, the Brooklyn outfit that folded last year after someone "outed" them (including the New York Times), has opened up AGAIN under "BarclaysPhoto":
and unfortunately Yahoo Shopping, PriceGrabber, and MSN Shopping are merrily carrying their new listing.

I think it was said best by a commenter there: They could just as well call the place Zombie Photo for as many times as they rise from the dead. Even if you put these guys in prison, their remaining cousins and whatnot would just open up across town under another name.

Screw New York City -- I'm never buying any electronics from there, even on eBay. The state and city regulators have demonstrated an astounding degree of corruption by allowing these outfits a climate in which to thrive over the past 20+ years, and I don't trust any of them anymore.

What amazing work you did to expose the flaky operations. Oh yea their web sites and ebay sites are always very plumped up to look important and reliable and imperssive. B and H is undoubtedly ok and Im sure there are many others. But wow look at these pics you are showing us. Unbelievable!