NWS WX Radio

Does anybody know if there is an NWS radio transmitter in Childress, TX? If you don't know that, should I be picking up a station in Childress?

I'm not getting anything in town, and I'm wondering if my radio crapped out or there isn't any trasmitter around.

Childress is in the pipeline to get a NWR transmitter. I don't know where it is in approval/funding/etc, but I know there was one planned.

I remember someone saying many of them were held up as tower sites were being looked at.

Hope someone else chimes in.
Childress is on a waiting list to get a transmitter but many times you can pick up the transmitter from Altus depending on the conditions. A strong cap will bouce the signal and it is usually pretty clear. other days you get nothing. That area has a huge hole in it for NOAA radio coverage as did most of the panhandle but now they have repeaters in all but the SE (i.e Childress).