NWS Text Product Archive?

I used to have a link to a site that would allow you to pull up old text products from the NWS. The archive went back a number of years. You could ask for the AFD for Dallas on any given day and the archive page would email you the data. It was similiar to the level 2 and 3 radar data that you can receive through the email on the HDSS Site.

Does anyone know what link that might have been? I thought it was on the HDSS Access Site but I have been unable to find the text products this evening.

The SRH also has an archive of text products for those offices in the Souther Region... I just scanned through them, and I think they're organized by calendar day (e.g. OUN5 is the 5th day of the year) in gzip format (just download WinRAR or another decompression package that can deal with gzip format). I haven't looked through any complete file, but it appears that all text products are archived. In addition, this appears to be a rolling 365-day archive, so you can still get all text products for SR-based NWSFOs back to January 30th 2006 (since it's Jan 29th 2007 now -- you get the drift).