NWS Hotseat

Hey all,

For the last two months or so, I have been attempting to do the three National Weather Service Hot Seat Simulations but have come up empty. I have done three of them, but have yet to try the "new" Early Winter 2006 Georgia outbreak, and when i click on it, it never loads? Are the sites as a whole down? Or is it my java isn't working? I use the NWS Atlanta as my source.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
Worked fine for me Daniel, had to wait about 40-50 seconds for it to load.

Maybe then it's my Java. I click on it, and the page loads all the way, but it just sits there with a blank gray box. When I hover over the box, it gives me a message "Load: class scenario not found." Any idea what that could mean?
I played the Hotseat scenarios untill one day it said the Java I had that let me play it many times before could not work with this so instead of updating my Java I gave up. I will try it again.
I have booted the system up from Knoppix Live CD in order to play it because It won't work under Windows for me. Firefox wants Java environment for what my computer is too old.