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Ok, I,ve decided to take the amateur radio license test later this month. So I am looking for a used copy of the study book “Now You’re Talkingâ€￾. I’ve looked all over the net and everybody wants just as much for a used one as new, so I may as well give my money to one of you as to a stranger in New Jersey. I am more than willing to pay a fair price + shipping cost. I would prefer the 5th edition, but believe the 4th edition would probably work just as well. If you have one and would like to sell it, please PM me so we can get in touch.


Make sure you get the latest edition of the book. The question pool was changed not too long ago. Don't make the same mistake I did by studying the wrong questions!
Seriously - if you are studying for your test, take a look at this guide:


It has a breakdown of every question in the pool - - - after taking a couple of days of reading it over, I was passing every practice exam. IMO, the problem with Now You're Talking is that, while it's a great book, it is presented with SO much peripheral information that it becomes really difficult for a person to decide what they really need to know and what they don't. This cuts to the chase and makes studying MUCH easier. I'm taking my exam next weekend ... looking forward to it!
Thanks for the link Mike. I printed it out and will start reviewing tonight. Good luck with the exam this weekend. Let us know how you come out.
Good luck Mike with the exam tomorrow!

Don't burden yourself with the exam, I took my Technician class exam at Overbrook, Kansas today and got a perfect 35! It's such an easy exam!
BTW Kurt:

Thanks! That guide that Mike pointed out, that guide is an EXCELLENT tool, just glance through it several times, I read it twice, and it was all down in my memory. Be sure to remember some things in the charts too, you should be good.
Ok - went down and took the test in Springfield yesterday ... there were 20 of us there, and 19 passed! (including me, thankfully) - felt so bad for the little guy who didn't ... he's 10 and was passing the practice exams - the version I got was actually pretty dang tough ... probably six or seven questions I hadn't encountered in the 20 or so practice exams I took -

95% pass rate is not bad at all, though - was a terrific little course ... will have my callsign by the end of this week - woo hoo! - It's about time.
Congratulations! Lucky you! When I got my ticket back in 1994, I had to wait nearly six months to get my ticket!

Morgan K5TVT ex-KC5GPG
When I studied for my License I used three resources everyday (kind of): Ham Radio for Dummies, www.eham.net, and www.qrz.com.

Grats Mike, knew you would pass. You running home or portable based?

Kurt, I would not worry about the test, just do the practice tests (making sure they are the newest pool), and read your book. The two above mentioned sites have practice tests with the new pool. And if you cant find the book your looking for at the price you want, dont be hesitant to buy a different book on HAM radio their are so many out there giving the same information just in different ways.
Thanks all -

Originally posted by Jamie Lahowetz
You running home or portable based?

I have a dual band HT that I'll be using for the time being. Need to work on the antenna for the car, though - afraid the rubber duck won't cut it out there.

Morgan - yeah, now they overnight the completed exams to someone who enters the information into the computer, then it is received as formatted data by the FCC so it can go directly into the database. Much quicker -

Word on the street is that it is quite possible that code might get dropped from the exams altogether within the next year or two, which would let a person go ahead and test for their General license and use the alotted bands without worrying about code. You can go ahead and take the General exam even without knowing code as it is, but you can't transmit with General class privileges until you do as it stands for now.
They've been talking about the code issue for that last XX years, expect it to be at least two more if they decide to do that. Don't make that the reason you hold off if you're interested. It's really not that difficult to learn the code. Congratulations on passing the test!

Well done. They abandoned Morse over here in the UK just under a year ago.Meant all us old class "B" licences have full access to HF bands ,before we had just 50Mhz and above.
Kept my old Class B callsign.
Hey! I took the test tonight and PASSED! Thanks to everyone for the great advice and links to the study material. Now I’ll have to start working on that radio :wink:

Thanks guys,

General class book

Hey gang,

I'm thinking about upgrading my license. Does anyone have any general class study material they'd be willing to part with?

The question pool for general has recently been chamged, so the study aids I have are outdated. For morse code, I reccomend the Koch Method software by G4FON (freeware), and Numorse (shareware). I used both to get my head copy speed up to 25WPM! I have since been lazy, and over the past year dropped to 18WPM.

Make sure you learn how to read schematics, especially transistors and logic gates. Also, make sure you study up on the band limits!