NOW: Llano Co., Tx

Karen Rhoden

For those of you who are interested - there appears to be a cute little storm trucking along Llano County and Burnet County in central Texas right now. It looks like it may be tending towards supercelllular characteristics on radar - just from an observational standpoint.

Those of you who WeatherTAP - go here:-

Those of you who don't, check out San Antonio's radar:-

It is currently severe-warned.


Thanks for pointing this out Karen. :)

This storm breifly had 70 dbz but it went down into the steady 60s. It looks like it might start moving from the E to the SE.

See warning:-

Hail up to 1.75" has been reported with this storm. That's golf-ball size.

Should be chasing! Anybody on this??


(P.S. - You're very welcome, Dan! I like keeping folks advised of significant severe...and this would have been a pretty nice supercell to have been on in February!!)

A few hours ago I was about to head up to Llano, but hedged after seeing the cool temperatures (low/mid 60s), marginal CAPE, and shear crosswise to the boundary. I'll root for it though, even if it sets down a brief one!

... been watching all morning. Nice to see some dryline action in Feb!

I'm stuck at work unfortunately. I know by experience that I can be in Llano very quickly from my office at Steck & Mopac here in Austin. I've done it a million times.
Also it's crossing over into the cooler air. It's about 5-10 degrees cooler where the cell is now compared to where it fired. I think if I were out I'd be dropping down toward Johnson City to get some better visibility and root for the southern cells.

The orientation of the boundary really sucks. :(

right - and it looked better when it fired. It turned into a "hot dog" looking signature when it was hit with the shear and went into the cooler air. The tops on this thing are going to be pushed into lousiana before too long :shock:

It's sunny here though - Heating, we like heating :twisted:
Tim - any idea what's up with the central texas radar on weathertap?
I was watching that cell too. The hot dog signature, I assume you are referring to the elongated appearance it took on radar? Sorry but had to ask.
Yes, I just made that up on the fly. Probably because I was hungry at the time. I just looked like a hot dog to me :lol:

Technical term, you know, like flying eagle and so forth :shock:
Chaser in the Field

I nowcasted for a friend out in the field today. He was west of Austin checking out what he called a nice striated LP supercell. He said at one point a little beaver's tail formed, but the storm died when approaching I-35.

He stayed around Austin until dark, but I haven't heard from him after dark.