North Texas Sat Loop Jan 29

Anybody been looking at the satellite loop late this morning and noon over N Texas and Louisiana? Unless there's some sort of glitch, there's some odd looking holes in the cirrus.
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It would be nice to see if the Terra/Acqua gets the formations over Texas. Some hole punch clouds:






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I just save the same picture to blog on the hole punch clouds. By the way, I found a good material from NWS:

Let's see if Space Weather site ( bring any picture from the ground in Texas. They usually publish images from these odd clouds. In November this kind of clouds were seen also in Wisconsin. from November 16th. has a picture gallery.

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Good ? Extraordinary stuff !!! Picture of the day around the world !!! A medal to you Scott !!
To add a little mistery in the whole story:

Cloud Formations Draw Interest

Meridian, Miss.
Reporter: Lindsey Brown
Email: [email protected]

On Monday, people from Mississippi to Texas reported seeing what they thought was a meteor flying through the sky.

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Jackson said the occurrence can be explained and it wasn't a meteor.

Instead they say airplane exhaust mixed with the precipitation to cause a hole in the clouds.

Capt. Jim Thornton of the Mississippi National Guard said he heard a loud sound, then looked up and saw the line through the sky.

"The only sound I heard was like a crack in the sky, and it continued north, just a matter of seconds. Most unbelievable thing I've ever seen in my life," said Thornton

The National Weather Service calls the phenomenon "hole punch clouds."
Holes/streaks in the clouds from aircraft distrails?

This became aware of this via a post to the WX-CHASE mailing list this morning. Interesting stuff! The poster is interested in anyone in East Texas or Louisiana that may have photographed the clouds displaying these features on Jan. 29th. To see what in the heck I'm talking about, see this blog post.
Thanks for the links Darren and Rdale. On contrails and distrails one one of the most impressive photos I ever saw can be seen here.