NOAA Issues 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook

Jul 3, 2004
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Another Above Normal Season Expected

May 16, 2005, NOAA News

NOAA hurricane forecasters are predicting another above-normal hurricane season on the heels of last year's destructive and historic hurricane season. "NOAA's prediction for the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season is for 12 to15 tropical storms, with seven to nine becoming hurricanes, of which three to five could become major hurricanes," said retired Navy Vice Adm. Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Ph.D., undersecretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA administrator at a news conference today in Bay St. Louis, Miss. "Forecaster confidence that this will be an active hurricane season is very high."

NOAA's Atlantic hurricane outlook reflects an expected continuation of above-average activity that began in 1995. Since that time all but two Atlantic hurricane seasons have been above-normal. Hurricane season starts on June 1 and ends November 30.
i was just wondering,how many of you chasers chase Hurricanes? if you do,do you approach these storms different than you do tornadic storms?
growing up in Pasadena TX,i am no stranger to these monsters,but have never actually chased one down as a chaser.any suggestions from you vets on how you do so?
Alot of us chasers that live in the southeast do chase tropical systems. Technique differs. some try to chase outter band supercells while others (like me ) prefer the center. If it's a day time landfall I like to position for dead center as to possible catch a glimpse of the eye and stadium effect. For a night time landfall I position for the right eyewall (relative to storm motion) so get the fastest winds available. How close to teh coast greatly depends on elevation, storm strength, and shelter available. Storm surge is our number one concern. wind and flying debris is second. staying warm adn dry is also a big concern.

Tropical chasing is a much different animal as opposed to severe local storms chasing.

Maybe some of the other experienced tropical chasers will chime in.
LOL, it feels like Hurricane season just ended. I guess it's just me. :lol: