NHC Credit on Weather Channel - 1992

Dec 16, 2003
Seattle, WA
During Hurr. Andrew and other times in the early 90s, and perhaps earlier, the Weather Channel used a slate that mentioned "Tropical storm and hurricane forecast positions are provided by the National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables, Fl."

Image below.

Was this a requirement that is no longer in effect (I don't see it), or was it a liability "CYA" move by TWC.

I've wondered about this for a while.


By the way, they continued to show that NHC text message through about 1996 or 1997. I think it was shown to give credit to the NHC forecasters for the positions. Similarly, TWC once credited the NWS for it's zone forecasts on the local forecast segments ("Your NWS Forecast" or "Nat'l Weather Service Forecast" on the Star III and the NOAA logo on the Star 4). On the lightning detection images, the Global Atmospherics Inc. logo was displayed on those graphics. Currently, TWC gives credit to "NOAA" on most of their products produced by agencies associated with NOAA (such as watch/warning maps).
I believe the reason for the NHC attribution was to convey that this was THE official forecast, and not one generated by TWC.

The reason the NWS/NOAA attribution is no longer on the local forecast segment is that TWC no longer uses the NWS forecast, but one generated by them.