New Zealand Waterspout/Tornado

Feb 20, 2004
Windsor, Ontario
Hey guys!

Just got back from New Zealand here. You'll never believe what I saw...tornado/waterspout damage! About 3 weeks ago, a waterspout formed off the coast of Greymouth, NZ and moved inland doing some damage to buildings in the town. Here's a video:,,11964-4184743-300,00.html (not sure if the video works because I am firewalled from playing it).

Here are my pictures (which aren't very good so I apologize):




By the time I got there (2 weeks after it happened), cleanup was well underway, so didn't get fresh pictures or anything like that, bt it was still interesting to see.
Just goes to show you the advantage of carrying a camera or camcorder every where you go. You never know when and where things might pop up.

nice pics melissa! seems like those new zealanders are getting more action than we are here in tx! lol, hopefully that will change soon!
South Island West Coast gets more than its fair share of tornadoes which are in the f0-f2 range.

The same part of the township of Greymouth has been hit 3 times in the last four years.

Some photos

[Broken External Image]:

Video still of Tornado 1pm 10/03/05

[Broken External Image]:

[Broken External Image]:

[Broken External Image]:

[Broken External Image]:

I think that is the same house (the yellowish one) from your picture to mine. Yeah, our guide told us that waterspouts were pretty common along the west coast.